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Also, follow up to my last post, STOP HATIN’.

I mean…what are you hating on people for?? I don’t-I can’t even imagine why?? Like, okay be jealous or whatever, but why you gotta hate? Why you gotta TAG that hate for said person, or ask blog, or pairing, or ship or whatever? Why are you even FOLLOWING the person you hate?? Just to stay “nyeh I don’t like what he’s saying nyeh nyeh”??? WHAT IS THE POINT IN THAT I CAN’T EVEN

Why would you waste the energy in focusing such unwarranted hate and anger on a person, OVER THE INTERNET, when there are MUCH better things you can be doing with that energy??? Go walk the dog, paint a picture, cook some fucking breakfast, read a book, GET OFF THE INTERNET, take a walk in the park, do your freaking homework, GET OFF THE INTERNET, do something other than doing the thing which you’re wasting precious time and energy on???

Just…gosh, I’m not targeting a specific fandom anymore, I’m just talking about tumblr in general now.

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